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Digitizing Business Processes

Bob McDonald and Filippo Passerini from P&G just talked about the journey to digitize 88 non-overlapping business processes at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference.  The goal is to use digital information to run the business in real time.  The process have evolved from getting monthly and quarterly reports to determining when information is needed for making decisions and ensuring that the required data is available.  This means some data is necessary hourly or daily.  Having access to data when necessary changes the discussion from sharing information to get a good view of the company to talking about why this state of the business exists and what will we do.  They attribute their good quarterly numbers, at least in part, to the ability to be flexible and respond to changes in the marketplace quickly.  P&G not only innovates by creating new products, but also by reinventing business processes.

Valued Consumer? I think not.

While out of town I realized that I had left my frequent shopper card at my local retailer.  Today I went there to retrieve my card.  There is no name on my card but the magnetic strip obviously links to my account which has my phone number because I can also log in with my phone number at the store if I forget the card.  When I went to retrieve my card I was told that if there is no name on the card, they just throw them away!!!  Now how valued a customer does that make me feel???  I guess that retailer does not value me as a customer so their value to me has just plummeted.