People Around the World are all Alike – NOT!

Participants realize that even though people around the world may have
eaten at McDonald’s or speak English, they don’t always do business the
same way. Difference in expectations leads to frustration, confusion, and lost business opportunities. Participants learn how to anticipate and prepare for differences.

Differences are Not Good or Bad – Just Different

This topic emphasizes specific business activities – what’s the same,
what’s different, and what you have to do to make things work. Where do
the differences in expectations come from, how to anticipate them, and
how to adapt to achieve your goals.

How do I do business in (name the country)?

Individuals or teams who will be doing business in another country or with
team members from another country, learn how to prepare for and conduct
business successfully. The goal is not to have participants “go native” but
to have them learn what and how to adapt for success.

What aspects of global business affect my job?

How do cultural differences impact what I do on a day-to-day basis? How
do they impact my success? What do the differences mean if I am doing
tele-marketing work, selling to foreign-owned companies in my home
country, selling to foreign-owned companies in other countries, or
partnering with a foreign-owned company?

How do I Adapt My Negotiating Style to be Successful in Other Cultures?

Individuals have the opportunity to practice a general set of skills for successful negotiation as well as specific skills and techniques for success in different regions of the world or specific countries.