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Differences Are Not Good Or Bad – Just Different

Assuming that business behavior and decisions are the same around the world is naïve and attempting to learn the business practices used in every country is an impossible task.

Having a framework for categorizing regions of the world makes the task of learning and adapting to different business practices possible.

Global Business Practices

Dr. Schuster and Michael Copeland, retired from P&G, created The Classification of Cultures Model that is used to contrast and compare approaches to doing business across major cultural groups. Some participants and readers have said that this perspective is like seeing the world through their clients’ eyes. Others have remarked that they wished they had this information before their international meetings because then they would have understood why the other side was angry or uncooperative, or even why things fell apart or how to better prepare.

The goal is not to become a member of the other culture, but to understand the other perspective well enough to adapt your strategies for success. The Model is an invaluable tool.

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