In a survey of 1,800 women by Q Interactive,  65 percent of the participants were delighted at receiving targeted online ads, exclaiming “Cool! How did they know I wanted this?”  What they particularly liked was receiving gifts to show they are appreciated. To build an online relationship with women, brands need to “give me something” according to 58 percent of women; “get to know me better first” for over 19 percent; and “tell me something valuable” for over 17 percent.

Apparently if the return is worthwhile, women are not bothered by online sites collecting information about their interests.  I wonder if this true for women across the board and whether it is true for men?  I’ve read one article that says people in the US are willing to give away private information if they value what they get in return.  That behavior is different from people in Europe who are not willing to give away information regardless of what they would get in return.